orang VS mulut

‘ade org bfacbok hilng kn tnsion’
‘ade org bfbook wat org tnsion’
Ade org bckap untok hilng kn tnsion’
‘ade org suke ckp wat aq tnsion!’
::: pantun 4 kerat dubah olh mimi :::

Assalamualaikum bby blog, how r u today? Hope all my reader (ad eke?) alys be fine like me.  Today I want update my bby blog n say somting about ‘orang’. Firly sory my English not as very well but I will try to do the bst for my English. Hheee..
Atcly ORANG mmang bnyk mulot kn, I mean bnyak bckap, bnyk mbebel, bnyk mngutok, mngate, mngupat that all. For me I don’t care if smone want to say anyting about me, bed n goog or evrting. I think  over this yers I do thr best fo others. But why org ttap assume yg I ni very bed girl. I know who I am, noting impress if I loss from u all dn sebaliknya. (dh mula la ni).
I know bnyk dugaan dlm friendship ni, ade air api angin n bnyk ragam. X bleh nk bckap bnyk, I woried about all my lving frind feel wrong about me. I apologize for my lack selama ni. Noting 2 say again.
p/s: xbagus gune bahase rojak n pasa ni, hhummm just 4 fun. Nice day my dear bby blog.

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