angkara SEMOT

Assalamualaikum, hey bby blog. Today i want tell you all about BEAR. You know why i want story about this? I love BEAR, i do know why but what i know because it very understen about my felling. When i sed i just express with it. I give it name PETAK. You know why i give it name Petak? Becouse my neighbor tease me, i very love plaid design until my friends give gift plaid design. What ever, people can saying what they like and my felling just okey. Enough for english speaking.
Skrang ni nak cite plak hal yang sblom nye. Time my bfday mf frind give me bear, n i guess about that. Semot force me to much to open the gift, question mark? Knpe nk sgt mimi bkak hdiah 2 dpan korang smua, bkn nye slalu org sruh bkak klau dh smpai umah ke? ok semot dh mndesak sgt smpai smua org nk mrjok mimi fine bkak jgk hdiah 2 dpan die org. Time 2 dh rse mcm nk ngis sgt pas je bkak hdiah 2 otmatik air mte mngalir n trus je ngis. I do know why! Tru mngis n trus ngis. smpai kn....
Ok pas je ngis bru mimi tw knape mimi ngis bli tngok hdiah 2. Fst sbap bnyak hdiah, lbh dri 1 bnyk kn. Pas 2 pling mnyayat hti bile dpt bear. Mimi pnh ckp ngan bf yg mimi nk sgt teddy bear yg bsa sgt, lbh bsa dri mimi tw. Rupe2 nye semot dh plane ngn bf mimi, about everting! Bile mimi bg tw kat bf yg mimi nk sgt bear die kte mimi akn dpt, ok. Tp bile bsday mimi die nk bg cincin? Semot ckp cin2 lbh bharge dri bear, xpham la die org ni knape. Rupe2 nye semot ngn zira yg nk bg bear sbap die tw mimi ske sgt bear n my bf give me ring. hhumm..
Time mimi ngis 2 si semot blh plak ckp ngn bf mimi yg mimi ngis sbap bf mimi x bg pape pn time bsday mimi, oohh my God! Mimi x ckp cm 2 pn, semot ni mmg gile la. My bf rase tcaba, so plane la nk bg mimi beg. I think he had, so k yg pnting die pham mimi. ape pn ni smua kje semot yg kecewa sgt la knon nye. semot mmg gile!!!

p/s: kpd ssape yg bce ni sory la crita agak celaru ye sbap xde story plning min smbo je ni. hehhehe.

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